Police Bust Them For Playing Drinking Games On Beach

Police Bust Them For Playing Drinking Games On Beach

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Officers were on beach patrol in Destin, Florida, Okaloosa County. While conducting marine resource inspections on the beach, Officers noticed a large group of young adults having what appeared to be a party. Numerous empty beer cans were scattered around the area, along with "party items" such as a funnel and a folding table used for drinking games.

One officer made contact with the individuals near the game table while another spoke with those within and around the pop-up canopy. When asked about their activities, the individuals at the table stated they were playing a drinking game and were in Destin for spring break, attending school. When asked if they were all over 21 years old, the group responded in silence. The officers then gathered the group and asked for identification. Out of the 15 individuals, only a few stated they had their IDs with them.

Officers asked again who was over 21, three people raised their hands. The officers collected IDs from those who had them and copied names and dates of birth from those who did not. The officer spoke with the three individuals over the age of 21, explaining the risks and potential violations associated with drinking with underage individuals. However, it could not be proven that they supplied the alcohol. Officers then inspected the group's coolers under the canopy and found a variety of alcoholic beverages, including beer and liquor.

The officers explained to each of the individuals that possessing alcohol under the age of 21 is a violation. They instructed the group to clean up their area and wait to be called on while they started their paperwork at the patrol vehicle. The officers confirmed the subjects' identities through FCIC/NCIC with FWC dispatch by providing driver's licenses and by name and date of birth for those without identification. Of the 15 subjects in the group, 12 were under the age of 21.

Two subjects, [REDACTED] stated that they had not been drinking and were not affiliated with alcohol consumption. Officers offered to have another officer on the scene with a portable breath test (PBT), and they agreed. An Okaloosa County Deputy arrived to perform the breath tests. [REDACTED] test results showed that they had not consumed any alcohol, and they were released with no citations. Four individuals were issued citations, and deferred prosecution information was provided to them per Okaloosa County.

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