The Best Online Drinking Games | Zipps Liquor

The Best Online Drinking Games | Zipps Liquor

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Not being able to meet up with friends or to go out to bars and parties has the power to weigh us down, no matter the reason behind it. Maybe your friends are out of town. Maybe you’re just too busy to make the trip. Or maybe you’re quarantined or practicing social distancing, like many of us are right now.

There are still ways to have fun with friends, though, even while stuck in your isolation. One of these ways is to play some online drinking games!

We’re lucky today to be more connected as ever—virtually, that is. With a few simple adjustments to your regular nights out, you can keep playing some of your favorite drinking games with friends without anyone even having to leave their homes. Here are some of our favorite #online #drinking games that you can play with friends:

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