ZOMBiE MOM and a SiCK NAVEY 💜 Making Waffles with Adley & Niko for a Breakfast in Bed surprise

ZOMBiE MOM and a SiCK NAVEY 💜 Making Waffles with Adley & Niko for a Breakfast in Bed surprise

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Navey got RSV and Jenny got Pink Eye
a reminder to always be there for family
aand we still made it a Best Day Ever 🫶

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“Welcome to a Best Day Ever” says Adley! That’s right, Adley is starting the vlog out for us today. Since our last vlog where Niko was sick and had to ride in an ambulance, everyone else in our family has been sick. Jenny was, Adley was, and now Dad is along with Navey. Navy has the same thing that Niko had, so Jenny and her had to spend the night at the hospital. Since I am sick too, Adley and Niko decided that they were going to be super nice and make me breakfast and bring it to me in bed.

One of our family's favorite thing to eat is waffles. It’s now time for chef Adley to take over because she is in charge as the kiddos make breakfast. They follow the instructions on the bag, and to make it unique and their own, adley and Niko add a few drops of blue and green food coloring, just like we do when we do pancake art! The make some of the most perfect waffles and Niko comes up with an amazing song, before the load up the tray and wake me up. I’m so surprised and grateful they would do this while i am sick. The kiddos and I sit on mom and dad’s bed and eat breakfast.

We jump to last night and get updates on how Navey is doing! She is being super brave like Niko Bear was. She says she likes her doctor and even though she is a little nervous she is remembering some of the things niko got to do like drink chocolate milk and ride in a pretend play car! So those things are keeping her happy!! Once they are a wake, Jenny and Navey call the family and we get to talk to them. Navey is doing better and there is a chance she gets to come home. So Adley and Niko come up with a great surprise.

We head downstairs and make get well soon cards, but they are also signs to her room because we are going to get her a giant stuffie like the kiddos got niko when he had is hospital stay. So after we decorate Navey’s room, and set up a small Roblox obbi to get there, we head to the story to get the giant stuffed animal. We see some bears and bunnies, but then niko finds the jackpot, a bin full of giant stuffies. By the time i get there, Adley and Niko have climbed into the container and are now part of the giant stuffy family. We look at a few options before Adley and Niko pick out a pink flamingo for Navey.

Back home, with the flamingo and some flowers we got, the surprise is all ready. And perfect timing because the girls just got home. We have big family hugs before navey start looking for the surprise. After our little scavenger hunt is over, Navey shows us her blanket she got, a toy the nurses gave her, and tons of play doh she brought home. She wants to play with the whole family so we gather around the table and play pretend restaurant with all the kiddos.

We are getting ready for bed time when Jenny comes downstairs and realizes that she can't open her left eye. we think she my have pink eye and its got gunk in there that is keeping it closed. Adley and I try and help he open it and that's when we she se has a zombie eye!! I get jenny a cold wet wash cloth and she lays down on the bed and just starts laughing! this week, this month has been crazy hahah. Everyone sick, moving to a new house, crazy new years. Its been nuts. Keep an eye out for a new P for parents cause we need to chat lol!

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