LEGO FORTNiTE with Adley & Niko!! DAY 1 of Family Survival - Finding Secrets we Learn how to Build

LEGO FORTNiTE with Adley & Niko!! DAY 1 of Family Survival - Finding Secrets we Learn how to Build

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our first time EVER playing LEGO FORTNITE!


HEY EVERYBODY!! A brand new game came out TODAY and we have been waiting for weeks to play it! It's part of the game "Fortnite" but we've never played Fortnite before.. it's more of a big kid game, but NOW they just created a new mode called LEGO FORTNITE! It's kind of like Minecraft but with Lego's! It was perfect timing that the game was released today, because we have been playing out in the snow a lot, and Me and Niko got kind of sick! So today was a sick day, and we got to play video games with Mom and Dad ALL DAY! You can only play Fortnite on a computer or special gaming console, so Dad borrowed some computers from Spacestation Gaming so that we could play today! We also got some cool new controllers to play with, mine is a bright pink Barbie controller, Niko's was a cool SSG controller! After we got all our new gear set up, it was time to start playing! Oh wait.. one last thing.. we had to get some skins to look cool in the game! I got a SICK glow in the dark skin, Niko got a banana guy named Peely! NOW it was time to start playing! When we got into our new world we started exploring right away! Me and Dad found cow and chickens that would give us milk and eggs, while Niko and Mom started collecting wood and stone! Before we knew it, the sun was starting to set, so we set up a campfire next to an old village to stay warm through the night! The next day we explored some more, and even learned how to build shelters and craft new tools! We even found some cool things while we were exploring like: Treasure Chest, a giant rock that looked like a tower, and even a CAVE! We really wanted to explore a the cave but we needed to get more tools and supplies before we went down there! We had already had so much fun, and this A for Adley video was getting long.. so we decided to make this PART 1 which means this video is To Be Continued SOON!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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