5 Sensory Birthday Party Ideas-My Daughter's Sensory 2nd Birthday Party

5 Sensory Birthday Party Ideas-My Daughter's Sensory 2nd Birthday Party

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Here are 5 sensory birthday party ideas-my daughter's sensory 2nd birthday!

Let me first say that this birthday part was a hit! We had 12 kiddos from age 18 months to 12 years old and they all had a lot of fun with the sensory activities we had for my daughter's 2nd birthday party!

The birthday party took place in our fenced in front yard which provide a safe location with a lot of space for the activities to be spread out. These are all great sensory activities for toddlers and older that you can DIY.

Activity #1

Chalk Walk: for this sensory activity I picked up the bulk pack of chalk from Target (60 pieces) and had little containers of chalk up and down our walkway. Our walkway was a graffiti masterpiece of multicolored scribbles by the end of the party!

Sidewalk Chalk: https://www.target.com/p/sidewalk-chalk-60pc-sun-squad-8482/-/A-77334528#lnk=sametab

Activity #2

Ball Pit: This sensory play activity was a birthday party hit!I took the blow up swimming pool that we got Jameson for her birthday and we just added ball pit balls from the links below. The pool had a mini slide in it which was a hit. We ended up using the Blippi blow up pit for our next activity.

Blippi Ball Pit: https://www.target.com/p/blippi-ball-pit-mystery-adventure/-/A-80172387#lnk=sametab

Extra Balls: https://www.target.com/p/little-tikes-balls-for-kids-39-with-reusable-mesh-bag-100pcs/-/A-80322726#lnk=sametab

Inflatable Pool: https://amzn.to/3bf0XzU

Activity #3

Bubble Station: This sensory play birthday party activity was so much fun! Like I said above we ended up using the blippi inflatable pit for our bubble station. This housed our mega bubble wand where the kids could make giant bubbles. I also had various bubble wands/toys that I picked up at the dollar store and the Target dollar spot. The kids LOVED the bubble station.

Giant Bubble Wand: https://amzn.to/3tAkeCq

Activity #4

Bug Dig: The kids loved this DIY sensory play activity. For this activity I purchased a 5lb bag of play sand at Lowes along with a bag of bugs from Amazon and just dumped everything into a large clear container we had on hand. I also purchased some shovels and sand toys from the dollar store and the Target dollar spot for the children to "dig for bugs". This is an easy tactile sensory play activity for toddlers at home!

Play Sand: https://www.lowes.com/pd/QUIKRETE-50-lbs-Play-Sand/3006085

Bag of Bugs: https://amzn.to/3hfrT6s

Activity #5

Ocean Explore: This was probably the most favorite DIY sensory play activity of them all at the birthday party. I purchased some water beads and a bag of marine animals from Amazon and just dumped everything in a clear storage container (just like I did with the Bug Dig). The kids had to go "fishing" with their hands to find the different marine animals. The Ocean Exploy sensory activity was fun for everyone.

Water Beads: https://amzn.to/3uGUB44

Bag of Marine Animals: https://amzn.to/3bjOBqq

About me/our family:

I am a working mom of 1...soon to be mom of 2. My daughter Jameson is 2 and I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant. My husband is a Sheriff's Deputy who is currently on graveyard shifts and works ALOT of overtime. This pretty much leaves me to take care of things at home while juggling my position as a Child Nutrition Director for a local school district.

I try my best to keep up with the demands of the home, but I often fall short...which in all honesty is okay to do. Being a mom is hard work and I'm working on being more gracious with myself. While I'd like to think I'm "SUPER MOM", I'm definitely far from perfect and just cannot get EVERYTHING done ALL THE TIME.

I love to try new recipes and try to post recipe videos for others to try. Being healthy is a daily struggle...especially when you have a very picky toddler who only eats carbs.

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0:00 - Introduction
0:41 - Activity #1: Chalk Walk
1:38 - Activity #2: Ball Pit
2:45 - Activity #3: Bubble Station
3:33 - Activity #4: Bug Dig
4:18 - Activity #5: Ocean Explore
5:20 - Birthday Present Haul
5:28 - Doodle Mat
5:58 - Baby Alive
6:15 - Color Wonder & Backpack
6:41 - Peppa Pig Microphone
6:55 - VTech Touch & Teach
7:29 - Wash Up Kitchen Sink
7:56 - Mega Blocks Panda Slide
8:22 - Minnie Mouse Puzzle
8:40 - Peppa Pig Book
8:57 - Throw & Catch Game
9:12 - Sidewalk Chalk
9:26 - Finger Paints
9:44 - Little Tykes Table
9:58 - Clothes
11:15 - Outtro

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