Layla's First Birthday Party l Games and Magic

Layla's First Birthday Party l Games and Magic

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Here's the extended version of Layla's First Birthday Party. Hope you enjoy watching it!

For the Shorter Version:

We thank everyone for taking the time to greet Layla and attend her first birthday party. We appreciate all the support and we hope you had a good time. It seems like just the other day when we were taking Layla Reese home. Now she is already 1 year old. πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ She has already developed quite a personality.

1️⃣ Layla inherited the family stubborness.

* Mommy says it's from Daddy, Daddy says it's from Mommy. We will let you decide. 😁
* Several months after being born, Layla was putting everything in her mouth. Everything except Mommy's nipples. 😣 We can only imagine what the neighbors thought of her blood-curdling screams every time Mommy exposed her nipples. 😁 Thank goodness for bottle-feeding :) 🍼

2️⃣ Infectious Smile

* Her smile and laugh always light up any room. Daddy, however, reminds her to smile while she still has teeth :)

3️⃣ Determined Personality

* A case in point; Lara fell asleep propped against the couch a few weeks back. First Layla poked her big sister, then tugged her hair. Perfect, she's asleep! She then climbed up big sister's body, finally stepping on Lara's face to climb onto her throne (the couch). Thanks Ate Lara for always being there for your little sister! πŸ˜‚

To Layla, our one and only β€œybab” πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ, we hope your year ahead is filled with learning, wonder, excitement and fun! Remember that Mommy and Daddy want you to try your best and we will be there for you when you fall down.

P.S. Daddy says only 25 more years until you can date.

Music: All Together Now by The Likes of Us

Videography: R&R Films
Photography: Joseph Requerme
On the Day Coordination: Sweet Moments by Rhandy
Host 1: Billy Sienes of 96.3 WRock
Host 2: Chris of Enchanted Kingdom
DJ: Hypress Chua
Magician: Clint Havel Imperial
Venue: Montebello Villa Hotel

IG Account:

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