20 Brain Breaks for Zoom and Hybrid Classroom Settings

20 Brain Breaks for Zoom and Hybrid Classroom Settings

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April 20, 2021
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20 Brain Breaks for your Zoom and hybrid classroom setting. Brain breaks is a term used for quick moments within a teaching time to help kids refocus, destress, and/or move about.

🟢 Zoom Game Ideas for Kids: https://youtu.be/olWBe5glEWo

🟢 TriviaMaker: https://triviamaker.com/Shawn (This is an affiliate link which means that I make a small coin if you purchase triviamaker through this link.)

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*Time Stamps*
0:00 Intro & Greeting
0:46 GoNoodle
1:18 Headspace
1:46 Cosmic Kids Yoga
2:20 Math Breaks
2:47 TriviaMaker
3:18 Gimkit
3:38 5 Minute Challenges
4:06 Art
4:23 Go Get
4:41 Cheerleaders
4:54 Yoga Challenge
5:10 Walk This Way
5:48 Hop Off
6:07 Silent Vlog
6:23 Spark Joy
6:52 Emoji Faces
7:24 Switcharoo
8:03 Wiggle Worm
8:25 Five, Four, Three
9:08 Hot Hands

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