Gold Mine | The Single Best Team Building Activity

Gold Mine | The Single Best Team Building Activity

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The Gold Mine Game is a game that enhances communication skills between the members of the playing group and instills confidence and trust between them. It also improves problem-solving and wise-planning skills for the group members. In the Gold Mine Game, the members of the group collect as many golden coins as possible, bypassing the dangerous gold mine while blindfolded, relying on the help of the other group members as guides.

Enhancing group work.
Developing communications skills.
Promoting teamwork skills.
Developing operational planning skills.

Game Elements:
Time: 10–25 min
Number of group members: Any number can participate
Physical effort: 3/10
Mental effort: 4/10
Location: Indoor or outdoor

The Challenge:
Group members have to collect the maximum amount number of golden coins while blindfolded without touching any of the blast mines, relying only on their group members as guides.

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