What is Guided Reading? (Everything you need to know for beginners)

What is Guided Reading? (Everything you need to know for beginners)

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Guided reading is often misinterpreted because, simply put, a lot of people just don’t understand what it is or what the goal of guided reading is.

Overtime, people have just created their own way of doing guided reading simply because they did not have the proper professional development to help them out.

Guided reading is the key tool of small group instruction in order to get children to move instructional reading levels.

In order to effectively implement guided reading in the classroom, you must follow the proper reading strategies.

In fact, I have an entire printable bundle on Decodable Guided Reading strategies.

These are research-based strategies that will help any child decode unknown or unfamiliar words.

Click below to get your own guided reading strategies.


Did you know...

I have an entire series on my YouTube channel all about guided reading.

If you have any questions about guided reading, go ahead and check out my guided reading playlist.

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