🔴*BIG UPDATE* NINTENDO Made a GOLF BATTLE ROYALE?!👀 Playing Switch Sports with YOU !fc !join

🔴*BIG UPDATE* NINTENDO Made a GOLF BATTLE ROYALE?!👀 Playing Switch Sports with YOU !fc !join

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November 30, 2022
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#SwitchSports #FamilyFriendly #Nintendo

We want everyone to feel welcome and included in the fun here, but failure to follow the below rules and community guidelines will lead to a ban/mute/block:

🔴Keep things FAMILY FRIENDLY and safe for all ages. NO SWEARING, offensive or NSFW language or content.
🔴Please be kind and respectful to others. Don’t insult or demean others even if its “just a joke”. Keep things non-toxic and do not troll, grief or intentionally mislead others. You also must follow rules to any mini/custom/etc games we're playing.
🔴There is a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech in any form including related to race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neuro(a)typicality, physical appearance, immigration status, religion, or other identity markers.
🔴Do not share private or sensitive personal information like your age, full name or specific location, ESPECIALLY when someone explicitly asks you for it.
🔴DO NOT: abuse glitches, team up with players on another team, intentionally obstruct/sabotage/steal, help people still alive after you're eliminated, intentionally AFK, intentionally target specific players over multiple games, spawn or base camp, stream snipe, or toxically crouch spam or emote.
🔴Please avoid arguing, overly political or religious topics, spamming or unnecessary use of uppercase letters. Excessive emojis and emotes in chat however are encouraged, within reason🤣🤣🤣
🔴No unsolicited advertising or promotion, including for other streams, social media, etc.

Full Community Guidelines https://happylittlegamer.com/communityguidelines/

ABOUT ME: I’m an artist, designer, illustrator, and content creator living in sunny Southern California with my husband and our rescue pugs Bear and Georgie. For short, just call me Happy. My pronouns are he/him


2ND CHANNEL - Happy Little Gamer PLUS for FORNITE and OVERWATCH, less wholesome games, but the same non-toxic rainbow and sunshine vibes

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