Party Crashers Animated | Jump into Magma Mountain NOW!!

Party Crashers Animated | Jump into Magma Mountain NOW!!

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March 30, 2024
Party Game Fails
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Guys I think Vernias is a lil mad, just a hunch tho


Audio from King of Skill “The most BRUTAL Board in Mario Party 1…”
(Skip to 18:11 for the funny bit lol)

Commissions are open!🌸

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Animator’s note

“Oh, I’ll be back sometime in December!“ liar.

In my defense, I did mention I had school stuff to do and guess what? YA BOI GOT INTO THEIR DREAM COLLEGE WOOOOOO 🗣️🗣️
That’s also means I got student loans- WOOOOO AMERICA 🇺🇸 🦅💥

Anyways imma ramble about where I’ve been, so best to leave the description now lol

So first off, yay dream college! During November I was busy working on my art portfolio. And the hard work paid off cuz I got into the most competitive major! (2D animation) Everything’s been all nice and dandy until I realized the tuition was a *bit* more than I expected

Apparently the tuition raises every year? So now instead of 45k per year it’s 52k 💀 which has been making me feel rlly anxious cause now I don’t know if my parents can afford that?
Which sucks cause it’s my dream school yk? It’s alright though imma hustle this summer and get that bank before school starts to help my parents out 💪😤 (and so I can still go to this school-)

Which brings me to my next point! I got my first job :D
It’ll be over the summer and it’s not the best pay in the world, but if I did the math right it should help pay for at least half of one month of college? Yeahhh not a lot, but better than nothing!

Oh and I’ve opened up commissions again after like 4 years! Hopefully that brings some extra revenue for college 👍

Anddddd I think that’s all the major points! Hopefully you all like the video, I’ve been working on it over the past couple months on and off and it still hasn’t processed that I actually finished it lmao
(procrastinating will forever be my enemy)

I’ll continue to work hard to bring u all more animated content 💪

If you read this whole thing, wow omg u just did that, what is wrong with you? /j

{ pls don’t repost my art without credit/permission! }