5 Christmas Party Games You Should Try This Holiday Season! (Minute to Win It)

5 Christmas Party Games You Should Try This Holiday Season! (Minute to Win It)

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Christmas is almost here! Need game ideas for your Holiday party? Here are 5 Minute to Win It themed Christmas games that are both fun and challenging for all ages--kids and adults!
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1. Reindeer Nose Dive - 00:30
Items: Glitter poms, ribbon, patroleum jelly
Rules: Players must swing a red ball attached to a string held in their mouths, so that the ball lands on their petroleum-jelly-covered nose. It must remain in contact on the nose for 3 seconds to win.

2. Jingle in the Trunk - 01:43
Items: Empty tissue box, jingle bells/ping pong balls, belt
Rules: Players must empty a box full of jingle bells attached to their lower backs without using their hands.

3. Christmas Cliffhanger - 02:52
Items: Christmas cards
Rules: Players must blow Christmas cards in an attempt to get it to hang off a table's edge.

4. Lollipop - 03:36
Items: ping pong balls, 3/8" metal straw, 1/2" nuts
Rules: Players must slide 3 metal nuts and a ping pong ball down an upright straw, so that the ping pong ball rests on the top of the straw while the nuts are lowered to the table.

5. Christmas in the Balance - 04:42
Items: Christmas ball ornaments, yard/meter stick, empty gift wrap roll
Rules: With a yard/meter stick balanced on top of an upright gift wrap roll, players must simultaneously hang ornaments on opposite sides of the yard/meter stick.

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